33 Letters To My Past Self – for Women


A Set of 33 Fill-In Pages with Suggested Subjects
Designed to Help You Develop and Practice Self-Compassion and Mindfulness


You can fill in this document using Adobe Acrobat or other PDF software, or you can print it out and fill it in with your pen.

Writing letters like this helps us recover from past wounds, create a healing and loving bond with our Inner Child, and most of all find more peacefulness in the present.

It can also serve as an exercise and practice in developing:

Setting values
Setting realistic expectations

Here are some examples of subjects you may find inside:

  • I didn’t know then, but I know now…
  • Thank you for…
  • I can see what you did for me…

IMPORTANT: After completing the submission check your spam folder in your mailbox, it might sometimes land in there. Enjoy!